1/2 Page About my Podcast Video

           The Podcast that i will be presenting will be about traveling during christmas time. A lot of people travel during Christmas time because is an important holiday. I think is always good to have a plan for christmas traveling time to be prepared and be able to manage stressfull times. In my podcast I would be showing five traveling tips to follow during christmas holiday traveling time.

               The first tip to traveling during Christmas time is managining your Check- in. For example avoiding long lines. In my Pod Cast i would explain ways to avoid geting into long lines for check in. Second traveling tip is security Scanning. I would explain ways to prevent security scanning problems and how to be well prepared for it. Fourth traveling tip is boarding. I would provide advice for when you are geting ready to board inside the plane. My fifth traveling tip is explaining things to do while your inside a plane so you wont get baord especially if you have a long flight. And my last traveling tip would be baggage claiming. I would provide exmaples for going through baggage claiming.







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